03 January 2016

2015 a brief overview

2015 was a fun year for me where I completed a lot of firsts. 
The really surprising one for me was realising I didn't fly anywhere, for someone who has flown for at least once a year for the last 15 years (I think) that feels a little strange. 

As a family we have had a blast living up here and I got to do some really cool things.  Some of my personal standout firsts this year include :-
The Susitna 100 race,

But as ever with a young family seeing us all grow together is a great feeling.  We had a blast when people came to visit us. 
Grandad taking a fat bike for a spin

Grandma and Dennis visiting 

Leigh visiting on his round the world trip

Auntie Emily visit
We have also had a great time getting to know more people up here in Alaska and continuing to get to know the great friends we have made since we first arrived here in Alaska over 3 years ago.

On new years eve, Fiona and I took a trip out to see the Aurora.  This photo has Aurora, Downtown lights and fireworks. 

Getting to see the Aurora for the first time with Fiona

Thanks to Amanda, Fiona and all our friends up here for enabling me get outside and enjoy Alaska.  2016 is already shaping up to be a fun filled year.  

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