28 January 2016

Almost famous again.....

A couple of weeks ago some friends and I were asked to help with filming for a video article for the local paper.
Four of us met with a local videographer who works for ADN (Alaska Dispatch News)  We ended up talking with him for about 1 hour and he put together a really neat edit of the local trails and basics of fat bikes.
Full article can be found here
Video article can be found here.

Scott also kindly uploaded the raw footage from the bikes which gives a real sense of what the local trails I ride around here are like with low snow.  As I type this its currently raining but I am hopeful for more snow to get the trails back into better condition than the videos below.

This is the raw footage from the front camera
This takes us down Speedway trail/fire break trail which is one of my favourties in Anchorage, although it can be ridden in the summer it is pretty technical.  The reason I like this trail so much is due to the views.

This is the raw footage from the rear camera
This takes us through some swamps which are unrideable in the summer and up to the top of baseball boogie.

This is the raw footage from the tyre camera
This takes us along part of Birch meadow which is a hard packed trail in the summer and can be ridden year round.

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