19 January 2016

Another week, a little more snow and I have still not fully recovered.

What ever bug I have had since the start of the year is still hanging around which to be honest is a real pain.  I don't have a fever or feel bad I just can't stop coughing randomly.  The good news is my resting heart rate according to fitbit (not very scientific I know) does seem to be dropping, hopefully this is a sign that I am kicking what ever I had. The only downside to this is it would appear Amanda and Fiona now have what I have or some variation, which sucks!
Seems to be finally going the right way. 

On Friday I was lucky enough to help out with some friends on a short video piece about fat biking in Anchorage for Alaska Dispatch News, it is currently being edited to be released in a couple of weeks I believe.  I do have a sneak peak of some of the raw footage but that will have to wait.
We got to talk a lot about fat bikes and then go off and use some go pro cameras to video us actually riding, it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours. 
Smile you are on camera
This is us mounting up cameras before some of the filming.
Mounting up a gopro

Fiona and I also built a snowman whilst Amanda was away
Meet Olaf
Amanda was away for a Cabi release which meant I was single parent again for a little while at least.  The rescheduling of the Frosty Bottom looked like it may work in my favour until I remembered we had already booked Fiona skiing lessons, no racing for me this year alas but in all honesty given the above sickness that is not a bad thing.  It also meant I got to go skiing again which was another fun filled 2 hours ish of runs to myself on freshly groomed snow.

Looking down to Fiona as I headed up for my first run

This is a short video I made of one of my runs down the hill at Hilltop Ski area.

I also got to watch a great sunrise over Denali

Sun just shining on the top of Denali

Next run more sun showing

Next time up more sun and some Fata Morgana

more of the Fata Morgana

On Sunday early early in the morning Amanda returned.  It is really great to have her back and getting out to enjoy playing with Fiona and I.   At 10:30 I had arranged a post frosty bottom recovery/family ride.  We rode over from the house and when we got there we had a huge turnout, I think there were 23 people on the ride. This is a great group selfie from Clint
Selfie time.... 
On the ride we had two trailers on skis, one child being pulled on skis, Fiona on her tag along and one child in a backpack.  I am pretty sure everyone had a great time on the ride with plenty of stops although the pace when riding was best described as steady!

One of my friends Ryan Greeff took some fantastic photos some of which can be found on Instagram/facebook.  Here are a couple of them from Instagram. 
A photo posted by Ryan Greeff (@akgreeff) on

A photo posted by Ryan Greeff (@akgreeff) on

After the long weekend (Fiona was off on Monday for Martin Luther King Day) and a full day of work for me I took the chance to spend some time today getting another fully loaded ride in around town.  I am a firm believer that you have to train with a loaded bike at least for part of the time with a loaded bike if you are going to race with the gear.
Fortunately for me the weather was perfect and I feel very lucky that my schedule enables me to ride when many other people have to work.

Great sunrise

more sunrise

one of the multiuse trails

looking out over the coast

into the sun on empty multiuse trails

And behind me

empty singletrack 

All in all a great day out on the bike and a great week in general.
Tale care all!

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