14 January 2016

2016 the training continues

2016 start didn't go to plan training wise, after a great end to 2015 It seems I picked up a cold.
Luckily for me the riding has not been the greatest.  El Nino this year is a huge one and sending warm wet weather our way for the last two weeks, reading different articles it would seem this pattern could potentially continue into spring and it is possible that next year and the following 4 or 5 could have similar weather patterns.  This does not make me happy....

What has this meant for my riding, well since I was sick I didn't really venture outside aside from commuting to work.  I set up my mountain bike with some Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro's which have 402 studs a tyre and for ice seem to be the best way to keep it rubber side up when commuting or playing.  I also resorted to the instrument of cycling torture, the trainer, whilst I can see the benefit to a trainer they are basically a treadmill for bikes and as far as I am concerned should be avoided at all costs.

not happy on the trainer... I'm in the reflection. 

This week the weather pattern finally gave way to a little snow rather than rain and we received a about 1/2 inch of snow on Tuesday.  What a difference that little snow can make, it came in as really wet snow and bonded to the ice really well.  Today we got another 1" to 2" in town and as I write this it's still snowing, albeit very lightly.

Tuesday night I managed to get a ride in with my friends on some almost perfect trails.  Thanks for joining me Clint, Chuck, Fred, George, Jordy, Laura and Oscar.

Great riding crew on almost perfect trails

Wednesday I loaded my bike up and took the loop around town, I was hoping to get some nice food at Fire Island Bakery on the way but alas they are closed until the 20th January 2016.  Oh well at least the riding and company worked out well, thanks again for joining me Susan.
Fresh snow riding.

riding on Sand Lake
Fully loaded

The other thing I managed to do whilst being sick was get out downhill skiing for the first time in 5 years, Fiona has lessons for 2 hours on a Saturday morning at Hilltop ski area which means I get to go and ski the local slopes.  

Video of Fiona skiing and nearly getting wiped out!

Amazingly given all the ice on the trails the skiing was good and ice free. I am looking forward to skiing this week whilst she is at lessons again. 
The runs are short and easy but more importantly if last week is anything to go by totally empty when I am there!  Whilst the ski area is lacking in hard runs, given my lack of skiing recently it is just what I need. 

Empty runs before sunrise
Empty runs after sunrise
View from the top of the lift. 

Until next time, have fun all.

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