10 February 2016

Susitna 100 - 2016 edition - Training update II the pre race edition.....

With the race just around the corner (race is Saturday 13th February 2016) I thought I would give a little update.  Last time I wrote one of these training updates we were experiencing another chinook.... I have honestly lost count of how many have blown through this season but we have pretty much been riding on ice all season, at least in town.

I also managed to pick up cold after cold and unfortunately this turned into walking pneumonia which really was a frustration more than anything else.   I haven't really felt that bad just a big lack of energy and coughing lots with a reduced lung capacity. At the moment I am still recovering which means my plans for the race have been adjusted, now I am on a can I finish the race rather than as I had hoped to be can I improve on last year's position.

What am I taking on the "race"?

The Su100 has a couple of gear requirements 
  • Sleeping bag rated to -20F (see details below)
  • Closed cell foam sleeping pad-minimum size = 3/8" x 20" x 48"
  • Bivy sack or tent (NO space blankets)
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Rear flashing light to be used after sunset
  • Two-quart (64 oz) insulated water container
  • 1-day of food (3000 calories) may be consumed after the last checkpoint
  • 15 lbs of gear at ALL times-including the finish line
For me the minimum gear requirements takes me to 9.7#.  This means I need to take an extra 5.3# of gear to meet the minimum requirements.  
For me this means I take extra base layers, gloves, hat, socks, tools, possibly rain gear and my GPS to achieve my 15# minimum.  
Where the rules are a little ambiguous to me at least is whether bags and harness's count towards gear weight, all my bags and harness weigh in at 3.5# so technically with weight I am almost there! My interpretation of the rules says no however, others I am sure take a different view.  All in all I think I will have around 19# of gear including my bags then I have to add on my food so once again will be pedalling a heavy bike... at least my bike is pretty light to start with. 

Sven Eriksson 25Km tour

Last Sunday was an event in Willow called the Sven Eriksson 25K tour, this can be a ski, ride or a run.  I believe this year was the event's biggest ever with 14 Skiers, 4 runners and 24 bikers, well 24.5 if we include Fiona. 

We parked at a trail head and made our way 3 ish miles out to the start on a blue sky day.  
Fiona was not wanting to have her photo taken which is unusual for her but alas not the first time. 
Long shadows 

Fiona hiding behind me and Amanda following

at the start, Amanda with Erik and Angie

heading out from the start
The route took us along some of the Su100 course which means Amanda can now say she has at least ridden part of the course.  The markers for the Su 100 can be seen in the following picture, its the one next to the paper plate marker which we were following for the tour.

Willow Swamp

Willow swamp

more swamp riding

Fiona still not happy with me

snack stop on the swamp

long shadows and Denali

remnants of last summers wild fire
After we finished the ride we met up with Laura and Clint, who were out to get some more loaded miles in before the Su100 and ITI for Clint.
heading back to the car

lake riding

All in all it was a fantastic day on the bike, Amanda did awesome riding 22miles on trails which are much tougher than in town, I am very proud of her as last year I don't think that she would have been able to do this ride. Also Fiona was great, she was not happy at the start but trooped on and finished the ride whilst helping me whenever I asked. 


Balcao Bags

For the Su100 and really most of my longer rides I have asked a friend to make me a cool bag to store my tools in. 
After a few messages and a couple of really poor pictures.
not sure I could make something from these pictures.
here is where it will go.

Here is what he made.  

nice touches with the orange

a couple of pockets

a perfect fit.

It goes over and above my expectations and I am looking forward to using it on all of my bikes for longer events, it also means I can free up some space in my frame bag to make getting my pump out easier. 
I will be sure to ask him to make my next custom bag for my Cyclo Cross/road bike.  Thanks Stephen!

And Finally

I have a spot tracker, this means when I have it on people can follow where I am. 
If you fancy seeing how slow I am on the Su100 then this link (nicks tracker) should take you to my trace. 
I will be starting at 9am 13th February 2016 (Alaskan Time) It should update my location every 10min. 

I have also put a permanent link on my blog page, here

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