21 February 2016

Fiona's skiing progression

At the start of 2016 Amanda and I paid for Fiona to take some skiing lessons (a block of 4 weeks of 2 hrs each), since we have a great beginner ski option in town (Hilltop ski area) and its on "real" snow (some is man made especially this year with the awful winter).  Fiona seemed to really like it and by lesson two was using a tow lift and even took one run down the big hill.

Roll on another few weeks and we again signed her up for another block of 4 lessons. Last night (Friday 19th February) was lesson number 7.

She has been having a blast and is loving cruising down from the top of the "mountain" (its a hill).  She is now at a level where I can go skiing with her too and with the progression she has made I am unsure as to how much longer I will be able to keep up before I have to start having lessons myself.

Amanda's unpredictable work schedule had me looking after Fiona for Saturday and since I am still not fully recovered I chose not to ride up in Talkeetna with some friends and instead took Fiona skiing.

This was an awesome decision!

She is able to make it down from the top without any guidance from me.... This is good because although I know how to ski and can make it to the bottom of the mountain more by luck than skill most times.  I have no idea what she is doing wrong if anything.  She does seem very fond of pizza postion (snow plow) and tends to keep her weight (what she has of it) too far back but aside from that she seems to rock it.

On the lift for the first time together 

Top of the hill before the first run

I told her to put her weight forward,
I should probably shut up.

playing catch up...

So here we have it 7 weeks of lessons and I can barely keep up :-) proud parent content.

My run from a couple of weeks ago when Fiona was learning.

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