13 April 2016

Spring has sprung

Spring has most definitely sprung here in South central Alaska.  For me that means a shift in riding from off road to on road at least for the short term.  I also have been given the opportunity to work "in back" at work, putting bikes together instead of selling them.  I do like the shift in work and am steadily getting faster at the job and making less mistakes. Don't worry, people are checking all of my work at the moment.

We are also seeing changes due to the ridiculously low oil prices for Amanda.  The changes being although still employed she along with her coworkers are being asked to work less and furlough as many days as possible, it sure beats being unemployed.  We are hoping that by being a little more financially savvy, me working a little more we will not be significantly worse off, at least for the moment. We shall have to wait and see what the future holds with regards to oil prices.
At least Amanda and I are getting to ride together for a change.

around town paved trail cruise
Riding together

It's been a while since Fiona had ridden her bike however she jumped into riding her bike immediately once the gravel had been swept up in the neighbourhood.  
Back riding again.
Which lead to our next issue, she had out grown her Isla bike.  I was all for switching her out to the next model in the range but with a shipping cost of $200 and the current emphasis on saving a little money we did the sensible thing and bought her a new bike from my work.
Bike progression
I have only changed a couple of things on the bike (for the moment) but did shave 265g by swapping handlebar and stem.  The first ride was completed with mostly smiles all around, well until she ended up putting a foot down in the water... ooophs! 

Rocking the new wheels
That's all from us for now, until next time take care. 

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