29 December 2015

Susitna 100 - 2016 edition - Training update.....

Since I posted that I have entered the Su 100 after a great ride around town

The weather has taken a turn for the worse (well into the 40's with a warm wind blowing), what little snow we had has vanished at least in my neighbourhood overnight and this weather pattern seems set in for a little while looking at the long range weather guess.

Noooooo!!!!! please get cold again it's way nicer that way. 

Oh well time for some cross training, last resort will be setting up the trainer in the garage but lets hope it doesn't get that bad.

Hope all my biking friends are doing ok whilst not being able to ride enjoyable trails outside.
Here is to the weather people being wrong and to being very thankful that our main sport is not XC skiing!

If you are looking for another perspective on life up here in Anchorage check out my friends blog.
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