15 December 2015

1 glacier and a lot of moose

Monday 14th December, another epic ride with Kevin, Its been way to long buddy.

This all started on Friday when Kevin messaged me and asked if I was working Monday, I was but a check of the schedule at work and some rearranging with Amanda meant I was able to go and play on my bike.  
We met at Backcountry Bike & Ski in Palmer where Kevin works.  We got our gear sorted and hit the road, riding from the store.  We cruised the 9 paved miles to the trail head before the real fun started.

Crossing the Matanuska river

Cruising the road on fresh legs
Selfie time

Our target was the Knik Glacier though with a couple of creeks/rivers to cross we were unsure if we would actually make it.  From the trail head its approximately a 40mile round trip. 
Once off the road network we started along the glacial valley, the trail was a mix of silt, rocks, ice, snow and the occasional open section of water. We also counted 15 moose though unlike in Anchorage when you made noise the moose just ran off.
Picture dump follows
Trail head map

Silty trail 

Stopping to refuel and admire the view

Swamp buggy snack stop

Open water crossing

Open water crossing
And here is me crossing the same section

Our first unobstructed view of the glacier

working out a way to get a closer look

Admiring the view again


Another great view!

Bikes and a view does it get any better than this?

Well yes it did 

Bikes and blue ice

And happy riders with blue ice

Crossing some more open water

The sign of a good ride, needing lights to finish.

I totally agree

So all in all an epic ride, we rode from the Jim Creek side and only had two open water crossings to deal with, one we were able to ride though see above video, the other we used some willow to get by. 

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