19 August 2016

States 10, 11 and throwback to 12

Way back in 2012 when we did a bunch of travelling I realised that in that year I ran in 8 states and figured why not try and run in all 50.
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8 states of running

The 9th state

With our latest vacation I managed to pick up another two states and foolishly missed out on a third...

State 10 - Illinois

We were staying down town so my run took me out to Lake Michigan and along the water front.

State 11 - Indiania

Whilst driving back I persuaded the family to stop in Indiana at a State park so I could go for a run.
It was hot and I was running on soft sand.  A fun but hard run.

When I got home and started writing this up I realised that I had not run in Michigan since 2012 although I know I have previously.

So here it is a throwback run to 2011 when I ran in Michigan.

State 12 - Michigan

Looking back at the previous months running data around this time, clearly I had been running a lot more than I do at the moment, 6:55 min/mile. Although that was a flat run.

12 states down just 38 to go.... just don't ask me to name them right now :)

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