22 August 2016

The lost ring of no power

On the 6th August 2016 when I was racing the Soggy Bottom I managed to lose my wedding ring.
This was immensely frustrating for me as I thought I remembered putting it on in the morning before I left the house. I was also pretty sure I'd taken it off before I started my ride. Normally I take it off before riding so I don't lose it. If I did take it off it was probably in Hope, AK. If I didn't take it off I had no idea where it could be.
On returning from my ride when getting changed I couldn't find my ring, never mind it's probably back at home I thought. At home I couldn't find it.  A huge thanks to Oscar for checking his vehicle for the lost ring. 
On Friday (19th August 2016) I ordered a replacement.  Saturday (20th August 2016) evening I found my ring grrrrrrr
Once was lost but now I'm back

I guess I took it off when changing into my riding shoes and put it in a "safe" place so I didn't lose it whilst riding.
Next thing to find is my riding glasses. 

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