17 December 2012

8 States of running

2012 has been an interesting year for the Blades family during which I have managed to go for a run in eight States in the USA, we didn't plan this but sometimes things just work out that way.  While filling out this post I realised I missed an opportunity to run in Kansas so looks like we will be returning one day to Kansas so that I can run in all 50 States of the USA!  During these runs I have managed to cover a variety of terrain from beaches to snow.

So here my 8 States of running for 2012

1. Florida
Beach run with Amanda

2. Texas
Shoe test during our short trip to Texas

3. Oklahoma 
5km race on closed roads and I won a medal :)

4. Colorado
Near the airport from another hotel, least this was at a lower elevation compared to where I had been running.  :) 

5. Nebraska 
Gravel road running in the heat :) followed by water skiing.

6. Missouri
Cool and windy, should have turned the other way from the hotel and picked up the bike trail, oh well live and learn.

7. Arkansas
Warm run with nice drivers.

8. Alaska
Brrrrr!!! Moose stopped play, didn't think I would ever be writing that.

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