28 December 2012

Finally some mountain biking

So after not riding a mountain bike off road for almost 2 years I managed to hire a bike and get out on a ride on Thursday by myself then got really lucky and joined a group ride on Thursday evening.
It was the first time I had ridden a fat bike which is a Mountain bike with extra wide rims and tyres (4"wide) and it was great fun.

This is a stock image of the bike I was on
907 Fat Bike

Casting long shadows at 2pm
Following tracks
Looking back
There is a lake under here
This is the route we took during the group ride and I had a blast, snowy singletrack forest trails.  The bike rides kind of like a tractor and climbs really well over just about anything.  Can't wait to ride one with the brakes set up the right way around.  

Since finishing the ride Amanda and I have taken the hire bike back and ordered two bikes for ourselves.  Can't wait until we get them, hopefully mid January.  Once again thank you to Amanda for being such an amazing wife so I could be a little selfish and get out for a ride.  

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