03 December 2012

First weekend in Anchorage, Alaska

So we arrived in Anchorage Alaska on Wednesday evening.  Due to the colossal amount of luggage we were travelling with we asked nicely at the car rental desk and we lucky enough to get a free upgrade to a minivan so at least we could all travel together to the hotel.  

Travelling light
First impressions were it was cold!!!   Thursday was spent running errands and our first visit to the Doctor with Fiona since she arrived with a really bad cold from Bogota, we think of this as Bogota's leaving present for us.  For the UK people who are unaware cough medicine is only available as prescription here boo! however Fiona is definitely on the mend yey!  We also stopped at the Subaru dealership to look at cars and actually bought one, well tried to at least.

Morning after breakfast

After our breakfast trip to Ihop then a trip to find car insurance where we really got lucky,  Friday was spent looking at houses which left us a little downhearted, lots of money and not so great houses.  We followed this trip with a visit back to the car dealership where we managed to get our new car, yes you can buy a car that quickly if you are lucky and have a sales person who is willing to work on his day off.

Saturday was more shopping, setting up a P.O. Box and looking a houses again.  We also returned the really nice purple coat we had bought for Fiona as it already had a small tear at a seam after only one day :(.  So far we have not seen any houses that meet our criteria but we shall keep looking.  With a bit of luck we will find a great house.

Sunday we went shopping yet again but we finally think we have at least some warm weather gear that will last us a while.  We also took a trip out to Earthquake park so Fiona could throw some snow at Daddy which is one of the big things we (Amanda) have (has) been telling Fiona she will be able to do once we arrive in Anchorage.  Lucky for us Fiona really liked the snow and didn't even seem to mind the cold though that could be because she had lots of warm clothes on.  Mum and Dad only had jeans on which was big mistake :)
getting ready to stay warm
About as high as the sun got today
Throwing snow at Daddy
Snow shower
Amanda's car,  studded tyres are an excellent addition.
Ok that is all from me for now Amanda is now at work and Fiona is currently sleeping which is not really surprising since we had to wake her this morning before we went to breakfast.  Next week we are going on a train a train where we will probably meet Santa.... We may have even found a suitable house by then although I think I see some pigs flying by the window :)

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