17 December 2014

Back to the riding post holiday

Amanda, Fiona and I have just returned from Hawaii where we had a great time.  The resort we stayed at was fantastic with its beach access and great pools.  It was our first time in Hawaii for all of us and I am sure we will go back to visit again sometime.
Here are a couple of snap shots.
Mum and Fiona swimming

Dad and Fiona swimming

Beach - North Shore

Pearl Harbor memorial

Minnie Mouse

Top of Diamond Head

Amanda and I also managed to get a couple of runs in so that is another State ticked off towards our 50 States of running. Link to previous 8
Here is State #9's Run

Once we arrived back we did really well at coping with the cold (ok it was only 25F) and got out on a super fun family bike ride.  There was a total of 16 people including the children.  It was great!
Family Fun Ride

It was nice to have a break from biking but I did miss Global Fat Bike Day which I heard was a total blast. I am making up for the week away though and have been getting in some fun riding with a great bunch of people. Given the lack of snow, yes it still hasn't snowed that much and the warm weather the trails are in great shape.

Today I loaded up my bike and took a mellow ride out to see if I remember what riding a fully loaded bike was like, during the ride I felt pretty good and managed to almost keep up with Andrew, Kent and Mick while on single track, ok they waited a lot for me :)  Nice riding with you guys.
Riding with Friends

It was a beautiful day and after leaving the guys I continued out to West Chester lagoon then made my way home.  Here are a few snap shots of the ride.  For the locals a beer is on offer if you are the first person who can name all 4 trails. Angie got it well I am going to give it to her she was close enough. Beer will be Twister Creek IPA.

Picture #1 - the trail I am stood on - Coastal Trail

Picture #2 - Rovers Run

Picture #3 - Either name - Tour Trail or Abbott Road multiuse
Picture #4 - Salmon Run

As I mentioned above my legs felt pretty good whilst riding however now they are starting to feel pretty tired, I will have to see how my legs feel tomorrow for my ride in the evening.
Until next time take care all! 

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