26 September 2015

Cyclocross round #4

This weeks race was at Taku lake, last year I really enjoyed this race as I found it technical but with enough other bits to make having a mountain bike not a sensible option, last year I was on a mountain bike and really struggled on some sections but loved other sections...
This year I can safely say I suffered a lot during my race.  I will say my legs felt empty on the ride over to the race which is never a good sign.  Then I once again fuelled badly for the race just like round two in the rain.
The course is based around Taku Lake and consists of some big flat or false flat sections inter-spaced with wet off camber grass and roots.  The sand pit this year was down to one line imho and they added a tricky turn back onto the gravel path which I totally failed to ride every stinking lap.  I also failed to ride the tricky off camber hairpin where the largest crowd was every lap aside from the last one, I guess this was just peer pressure :D.
How not to corner - photo credit George Stransky

How did my race go... pretty badly.  I was frustrated with Fiona before I even started due to her unwillingness to even attempt to ride sections of the course during her race, yes I know she is 5 and yes I am supposed to let things go but sometimes its just arrrghhhhhhhh!!!!

My race started fast as ever and I once again positioned myself badly and got held up, in previous rounds I have been able to pass people following this but alas today that just didn't happen I felt like I faded about 30min into the race, looking at my laptimes it  this was the case although I did slow a little it was not as bad as I thought, probably helped a little by getting faster on the technical sections as the race went on... I also forgot to start my GPS until lap 2 which was a bit of an ooophs.

Smile  you are on camera - Photo credit George Stransky

Once again the crowds were awesome so thanks to everyone who stood out in the rain and cheered us on, we all really appreciate it.  Finally yes I was lapped again this time by Will, Jeff and Jason.
Roll on next weekend for the double header, Goose lake where I have never raced and Kincaid park.

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