12 September 2015

Cyclocross round #1

The season kicked off on Friday night, race one was the kids race who raced a modified course.
This is Fiona at the start
Photo Bomb
As always there was a great turn out for the race
Explaining the racing to the racers
The kids rocked the course with some seriously quick times.
the first big hill

Negotiating barriers

Final turn thanks to the helpers (Jeff in this case)

Following the kids race Fiona and I made the dash back across town to put Fiona to bed so that daddy could race, thanks to Savanna for coming over to watch Fiona.  Once the sitter had arrived I headed back to Kincaid for my race.  
I had a really good race after a pretty bad start.  Our race was in the dark so for me I required lights.  Because I am a special kind of special I did a really poor job of attaching my light battery to my frame, it came loose.  I ended up stopping twice during lap one to reattach the battery. Sadly this put me in DFL on lap one.  On the plus side there were lots of people to chase down. 
Here is a shot of me riding into the start/finish straight, not sure what lap but I am all alone so could have been any apart from my last lap. 
Photo Credit - Alec Cervenka

I finished my race without hearing the bell for the last lap, this means the leader passed me whilst he was on his final lap.  
The real plus for me was that I was only lapped by one person and right at the end of my race.  This is most unusual for my cross racing experience.  The bike has clearly made me faster.  Today we are racing again at a different location. Time to go and get dirty! 
Race one


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