13 September 2015

Cyclocross round #2

After last nights race we all headed out this morning to APU for a fast and frantic race with the killer run walk up.  The weather would be called perfect cross weather for enthusiasts.  Normal people would describe it like this; 50F and rain or very heavy rain, probably best to stay indoors and try to avoid any potential flooding.

The course at APU is mostly flat with the exception of a Denali of a climb where you either push or shoulder your bike for the length of the climb. There are two descents on the rest of the lap are best described as sketchy, especially with the conditions we were riding in today.  This is not a course I would attempt on a single speed bike as the speed on the paved section and the rest of the flats is very high, kudos to those who did.

Fiona again rocked the kids race which thankfully avoids the mountainous climb and consisted of riding around the soft wet grass.  This type of riding is tough on a cross bike, hard on a mountain bike and I can only imagine almost impossible on a 16" or 14" wheeled bike which some of the kids are riding.   Not only that but they have to negotiate the same barriers that we do, a 10" barrier for me is just a little step, for her its almost 1/4 of her height.
Ready to race

Barrier negotiation

Power sucking mud/wet grass
Today my race went a lot better than yesterday (round 1 report), firstly there was no light requirement so my battery was safely in my garage instead of trying to fall off my bike.  I felt fast on the climbs and aside from a few heart racing WTF moments on the descents I was very happy with my race performance.
I am a lot closer to the front of the field compared to last year.  On the other hand once again I was lapped, one of these days I will manage to complete a cross race without being lapped, though I will say compared to last year I am doing much better.   I still enjoying riding my new bike though I will have to clean it tomorrow, the brakes and drive train took a beating today.
Here are a few photos of me and others racing all taken by Paul, thanks buddy!

1st lap second set of barriers 

Slippery flat corner (one of many)

Another slippery flat turn 

how not to cross the barriers WTF was I doing?

Oscar, who was sick and having a bad race/weekend normally he is snapping at my heals or me his. 

course was wet and fast along here
Post race picture, it almost looks like I have not been racing I have so little mud on me.  Whist racing I couldn't understand why people were shouting "how is your jersey so clean?"
I can only put it down to one of two things, I drafted very few people during the race choosing to pass if I had the power or just wasn't close enough and two I think the bike is stopping a lot of the spray, it has a very wide downtube.  What ever it is I am happy :D
Team mate - photo credit Jordy
And finally, Fiona was given the choice after her race if she wanted to go and have hot chocolate with Jana and family or stay and watch, she stayed and later told me it was because she wanted to cheer on her dad.  So proud of this girl!
Awesome cheering squad one of many out there but this one is mine :D
Photo credit Jordy

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