30 January 2013

Bike trailer modification

Amanda and I want to bike and run together, this means Fiona needs to come along too.  Since I refuse to carry her when running and her little legs will take her only so far it means we end up using our trailer for this.  Although the trailer is good, snow is not it's forte.  This meant that we needed to get some skis for the trailer. Although Chariot do make a good set of ski's and frame for pulling the trailer whilst skiing this was not really what we were currently looking for as we are not skiing at the moment and we have just paid for some new fatbikes, (see here) it also costs $275! which is not really in our budget at the moment.

After searching the internet I found a solution, this is my version of the idea I found here.  

I found an old pair of skis on Craigslist, after removing the binding's this is what I was left with.  Initially I was planning on using the pre existing bolts but in the end this turned out to be a royal PITA so I ended up drilling through the ski's and bolting straight through with a bolt.

skis attached to wheels
Ok maybe not one bolt, 6 bolts per ski.  Wheel trays are Thule trays and straps are some I had available I may have to change the straps not to sure yet.
attached to the bike
All looks good from the garage setup, will try it out this weekend with Amanda hopefully.

running setup
If Fiona agree's we will go and test this out tomorrow, forecast is for 2-3" overnight so we shall see. 

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