24 January 2013

Getting things organised

One of the problems with renting is that places never feel like your own.  So far our new place feels much more like home than any of the previous places we have rented, perhaps it is all in the mind but previously we feel like we have been living on rather than in our flats/houses.

Our personal items should be arriving on Monday the (28th January) which I am sure will make things feel even more like home.  Other things that really helped is that we now have little things like a garage with tool board :)
yey tool storage
I also took some time to make some stands for the new bikes we have bought (see here for info on the new bikes).  The design I used was this one https://nuxx.net/blog/2011/11/28/low-cost-fat-bike-stand/ and I think they turned out really well.
Daddy's little "helper"
Almost done
The next projects will be the ski project for Fiona's trailer and some shelves to make life more interesting for the cats.  We are planning to use the dead space above the kitchen to allow them some height and hopefully fitting the cat's with dusters will enable us to not have to dust up there, access from cat tree to above fridge in the picture below....
Shelves on this wall
Amanda and I also had our trainers studded so we can go running in the snow, well more if we hit ice we don't end up on the floor nursing broken bones.  We have both still to test them out but maybe tonight or tomorrow morning will be the time, I will do a follow up report once we have tested them.

That is all from me, until next time take care all.

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