10 February 2013

A frozen river and lots of wind

Last week I managed to get to two ASS (Abominable Snow Series) races.

The first event (ASS #4) was on Wednesday night  (Yes another night race Pam) at the local trails to my house, some might say this would give me a local advantage though I have definitely not been riding there enough for that to have an affect yet. Fiona and I picked Amanda up from work and then dashed to the races, we were running a little late as Fiona need to pee at Amanda's work, why is it little ones always need to pee when you are in a rush.

We got to the race and I got ready as quickly as possible before rushing to sign on.  The race was a one lap ride for me and I did really well, I managed to finish 5th in my class or possibly 6th depending on if they got the timing right. results are here The course was fun and took in the multi use and single track trails at Hillside area.  Since it had been snowing that day there was about 3-5inches of fresh snow on parts of the course which lead to some very interesting racing.  I am pretty sure I had too much air in my tyres as people were riding and I was pushing, once again I am still learning a lot about riding on snow.
As it was a race I didn't stop to get any photos but Amanda did get this snap of me getting ready.
Getting ready
The next race I got to go to was ASS #5.  This was being held at the Friends of Eagle River Nature Center which is in the Chugach State Park.  Biking is not allowed in the State park and for this race the organisers had to apply for special permission to ride.  The course was a 10mile loop however 2/3 of the race was on the frozen Eagle River.  As if riding on ice was not hard enough nature was playing its part with some really strong winds, how strong, a couple of points I had to walk/run as the wind had blown me off my bike.  It was also balmy warm 42F or 5.5C which meant that the snow was soft and the river was not quite fully frozen :-0

Riding a frozen river
The race was really good fun and I learnt a few more things about snow riding, mainly don't have a frame bag on when it is that windy as it turns your bike into a sail.  Thanks again to Amanda and Fiona for being my personal cheering squad.  Nothing makes you pedal harder than having people you know cheering for you, well maybe being chased by Zombies but I've not encountered that yet.  Here are the results  Finished a lowly 19th but at least I can say I was there, I even managed to do two laps and I know some riders dropped out after one. 

Here is a great shot Amanda took of me as I finished the race, I was completely shattered at this point.
A very tired Nick

Garmin files of the two races

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