04 November 2012

Eating at Andrés Carne de Res in Chia

So we finally managed to make it to this restaurant to have a meal.  Thanks to Audra and Gary for taking us there, definitely some of the best food we have had while in Colombia.
Not a phone booth
Cow Zebra - Cowbra? or Zebow?

Andrés in Chia is a unique restaurant other words that could be used to describe it would be flamboyant, big, colourful, busy.  The restaurant will seat 3500 people, fortunately for us it was not that a busy while we were there.  Outside the restaurant there are a series of sculptures, a theme that continues inside. Once inside and after Fiona and I had our wrist bands so she didn't get lost we were taken to our table.  Menus are currently in a magazine style with over 30 pages of food and drinks options, this can make choosing something a challenge.  Lucky for me Amanda picked what we were going to have and it was fantastic.

Gary and Audra
Table Name

Section of the Restaurant
By the time we had finished eating it was starting to get dark which meant all the lights outside the restaurant were coming on, changing the dynamics of the restaurant again.

A cow

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