12 November 2012

Another Colombian holiday....

So once again we had another holiday here in Colombia.  This one was for the independence of Cartagena which happened on the 11th November 1811.

Since we are leaving Colombia soon we decided to head into town to see the Botero Museum which Amanda has not yet visited. Audra and Gary also joined us since they had also not visited the museum.  

The Museum is not just Botero exhibit it has other works of art and a section on the history of money in Colombia, best of all it is free. 

Since my photos of the art work are not so great here is the link to the google art project so you can see much more of the works I failed to take pictures of.  

Gearing up for Christmas
Botero work
Fat horse
More Botero
Skeleton Guitar my favourite
Colombian coins
More coins
Happy before lunch

For the bathroom
Not sure buying a Guitar was the best idea for a two year old., my ears are already hurting, see video below.  If you can't see it I think it is probably because you are using an apple product... or on a mobile device, sorry guys :(

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