27 October 2012

Making Jack-O-Lanterns

Amanda and I decided to try this last year after picking up a kit in Houston.  The kit contained a few patterns and some tools to make hacking a pumpkin into a little safer than using a knife which is what we used to do as little kids.

Pumpkins pre butchery
This is Daddy and Fiona working on Fiona's pumpkin

Fiona assisting
Fiona and Daddy

This is Mummy working on the toughest of the three we completed this year a haunted house on the biggest pumpkin we had.
Mummy working hard

Still working on it

Removing pieces

Steps to make a Jack-O-Lantern 
1. Cut base of pumpkin ensuring you notch the base for easy reassembly.
2. Remove the pumpkin's insides and scrape the walls thinner.
3. Transfer design to the outside.
4. Cut out design making sure you remove the right parts.
5. Use a candle to illuminate lantern from the inside.
6. Turn out the lights and marvel at the wonder you have just created.

Tools of the trade
Fiona's Pumpkin
Daddy's Pumpkin
Mummy's pumpkin
All lit up
Seeds to be roasted

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