26 June 2012

30 days in, still going strong

So today was day 30 on the streak and it was a tough one.(all my runs on the streak) Once again with running in the city I managed to get stopped by what felt like every set of traffic lights on my route (I was only moving for 31min on a 37min run).  I do have routes that involve less lights but that means running around a canal which is rather smelly at the moment due to the lack of rain. Tomorrow for day#31 I am planning to attempt a slow 10km run, first one in a while.  

In case anyone was wondering this is my kit list to make running more tolerable .
Glove like socks!
Trainers - Asics Gel Cumulus 13 (runners world review) - seem comfortable, will probably change to a pair of brooks once I get to the USA as I'm trying to change to a more forefoot running style....
Socks - Injinji - these are a glove like sock eg. have separate toes, I'm very pleased with them no blisters yet. however they do look quite strange when on my feet and feel a little strange when I first put them on.
Shorts - Adidas running shorts.- I've been wearing a few different pairs, all are very comfortable.
Tights - Ronhill running tights - Comfortable with nice long zips to get them on and off easily. I only wear these if its cooler. 
Shirts - Various technical race shirts either short or long sleeve depending on the weather.
Music - Ipod Shuffle Old style with Sennheiser CX 680 headphones - I never use to run with music and was avidly against it.  I'm currently listening to audio books while I run, so far a massive success given the routes I run are not so interesting, just tune in and plod along.   
Sunglasses - Either my Oakleys or Rudy Project glasses (photo-chromic) depending on the weather.
Road ID - I've been using this for a while now.  Although I'm not sure if it will be useful if the worst happens and I'm unconscious at least I tried.
Watch - Garmin Forerunner 110 with soft strap heart rate monitor. -  This is my tech for running and I am really glad I got it last year.  It is really basic but allows me to see where I've been, at what speed and how hard I was working to achieve the speed I have been maintaining.  Although It is only a tracking device (Amanda has a 405 which does lots more) I'm finding it invaluable as a training aid/motivational tool.  If you are a geek like me and want to start running this is a cheap way to monitor where you have been and look back at your runs with a fine tooth comb!
Post runs - I'm trying to do at least twice a week a good stretching workout, for this I'm using P90X (its about 1 hour long) so far so good, I never used to stretch and this seems to be helping improve my flexibility and recovery.  

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