10 June 2012

14 days into the streak

So we are 14 days into the streak and so far so good.  I have managed to run at least 1 mile per day and I'm slowly starting to regain my fitness back. The runs I've completed for this streak can be found on this page I'm actually looking forward to continuing this streak as I can feel it's making a real difference.

The runs I have done so far have mainly been short (just over a mile)  for two reasons;
1. I was ill before I started and have still not fully recovered from this I am feeling better now though still coughing.
2. Due to idleness and illness I had not run since March 2012.

One thing that I'm finding difficult at the moment is getting going again if I stop for traffic lights/crossing a road (today's run was 26min however for 2:21 I was stopped at lights grrrr!).  Hopefully in the not to distant future (within a year) we will move to somewhere where I can ride and run without stopping so much, runners and cyclist dream :)

I found today's run tough. It was the first run I've completed while pushing Fiona in the pram for a long time and I really felt it, even though it was a flat run.  It was also nice to have Amanda along with me on her bike, not that I was able to talk much since I was mainly struggling to breath.  Amanda went on to do a little extra on her bike which will hopefully help to build her confidence after the idiot on a bike attempted to ride through her last year resulting in a broken arm :(

I will keep updating the streaking page and hopefully report back in a couple of weeks with another update. Until next time enjoy what ever it is you are doing.

Summary of runs
Number of runs completed 14
Total distance covered 36.60km
Total time running  3:26:59 h:m:s
Average Heart rate 160bpm
Average Speed 10.6km/hr (includes stopped time at traffic lights)
Feeling towards running - Pretty good, but knackered!

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