28 May 2012

Streaking again!

Ok so not that sort of streaking, don't really want to be arrested in Bogotá I'm sure that would cause all sorts of trouble.

At thanksgiving Runner's World ran a running participation challenge to run 1mile per day between thanksgiving and new year, the main idea was to keep people from gaining the excess weight some people manage to gain around that time and encourage people to get out running when the weather was perhaps not the best. Since my wife and Emily decided to do this I thought I would give it a go, I didn't manage the whole time but did manage to complete 26 runs and a total distance of 105km.

Given the lack of any exercise for the past two months due to illness (stupid Bogotá flu) I am going to attempt this next streak to try and get myself back in some sort of shape and try to stop loosing weight (yes that is right I stop exercise and I loose weight).  This time the streak will be between two American holidays, Memorial day (28th May) and Independence day (4th July).  It has the same format as last time so at least a mile per day of running every day.
Here is the link to the runners world page.
Runnersworld 2012 Summer Streak

I will upload links to my runs below after I complete them.
Number of runs completed 50
Total distance covered 186.05km
Total time running  16:46:52 h:m:s
Feeling towards running - Pretty good!

14 Day Review
30 Day Review

Run # 1 - A tough first run even though I went slowly... Definitely still sick
Run # 2 - Felt better than yesterday though lots of coughing. Tried out some barefoot running techniques, major calf workout!
Run # 3 - Still feeling rough though running wasn't to bad.
Run # 4 - Ok run, ran a little faster than yesterday.
Run # 5 - Good run today, only coughing when I finished.  Felt much better than previous days.
Run # 6 - Another ok run, still have a blocked nose and coughing lots.  When will I ever get better :(
Run # 7 - Another ok run, fastest so far this streak.  Starting to feel a little better.
Run # 8 - Good run today, think heartrate was higher due to Coca-Cola before run oooophs!
Run # 9 - Good run, didn't feel ill today :)
Run # 10 - Today was tough!  Legs felt really heavy, hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Run # 11 - Felt good today, more of the same tomorrow please :)
Run # 12 - Good run again today.
Run # 13 - Slowly slowly getting my fitness back.
Run # 14 - Run today with Amanda (on bike) and Fiona in pram, tired.

Run # 15 - Short run after ride with Amanda so was nice and warmed up when I started.
Run # 16 - Short run again for today, tired after yesterday's run.
Run # 17 - Short run today, plan for a longer run tomorrow.
Run # 18 - First 5km+ run, felt good, will see how tomorrow goes.
Run # 19 - Around my block, hot weather today.
Run # 20 - Another one done, sick again, hopefully better tomorrow.
Run # 21 - Still sick, coughing lots.  Run today was with Fiona
Run # 22 - Run with Fiona, not a bad one given Ciclovia was busy
Run # 23 - Still coughing but feeling better on today's run.
Run # 24A + Run # 24B - Run to have coffee with Audra then run home.
Run # 25 - Short run today, legs felt pretty tired.
Run # 26A + Run # 26B - Good run today, fast run back from coffee with Audra.
Run # 27 - Short run today, legs felt pretty good.
Run # 28 - Ok run, got stopped with what felt like all the lights on Cr7
Run # 29 - Ok run again today, managed to almost not get stopped at the lights.
Run # 30 - Tough one today, lots of traffic light stops :( Tired legs.

Run # 31 - 1st 10km run for a long time, it was tough. Probably ran a little to fast for my current fitness level.
Run # 32 - Nice run today, legs felt really good.
Run # 33A + Run # 33B - Run to have a coffee with Audra.
Run # 34 - Great 1mile easy run today.  Legs felt fantastic.
Run # 35 - Miss timed step onto a curb, landed flat on face DOH!
Run # 36 - Keeping it ticking over 1st holiday run.
Run # 37 - Funny GPS signal
Run # 38 - Final run of the Runners world streak, decided to do 50 runs

Run # 39 - Run one of bonus streak, very sore from water skiing.
Run # 40 - Good run, still sore from water skiing.
Run # 41 - Run in the rain, funny GPS signal.
Run # 42 - Run around a park, still tried from water skiing
Run # 43 - Ran post dinner, this was a mistake, so so so full
Run # 44 - Last run in the USA for a while, felt good.
Run # 45 - First run back in Bogota after the holiday, altitude still a killer.
Run # 46 - Second run in the rain so not so bad really :)
Run # 47 - Very wet run.
Run # 48 - Warm and sunny today.
Run # 49 - Wet run pushing Fiona.  Managed to get blisters on both feet :(
Run # 50 - Last run in the streak, knee a little sore probably from changing gate due to blisters yesterday.

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