06 November 2014

Wednesdays are becoming epic ride days....

Another Wednesday another epic ride!  I could get used to this :)

Owing to a great schedule at work and the fact that my riding buddy has his weekend on a Wednesday and Thursday I have been able to get some fantastic fat riding in on empty trails when most people are having to work.

Today was no exception.  I met Kevin at Carrs on Huffman at 07:30 just as regular work people are heading in to work and we started our drive down to the Kenai Peninsula with the intention to ride Resurrection Pass from Hope, at the turn off our plans changed a little due to looking at the weather. We guessed that riding from the other side (Cooper Landing) would make more sense as the weather was looking much better that way, we were not disappointed and once again managed to get super lucky with our trip.
This should show a nice image of where we rode, though possibly not if you have an apple device then you will need to click here

Here are some photos.

Riding up the first part of the the trail from Cooper Landing
Why not wheelie?
We saw a great waterfall which was partially frozen.
Waterfall with me
The forestry service completing some controlled burns, they were just about out on our way back down the trail.
Control burn
Riding Juneau lake, following in the tracks of some other riders who had tested the ice thickness we hope :)
Lake riding
When we were on the trail here, the weather was not looking favourable for us reaching the summit.
We didn't think we would make the top at this point
By the time we had reached the Devil's Pass cut off we had blue skies again.
Devils Pass cut off
Approximately 5 hours into our ride and we reached the summit of Resurrection Pass at 2800ft.
Resurrection Pass Summit 2800ft
Riding home we were chasing the sun all the way, it's amazing the difference just two tyre tracks made to rideability, most of the way back we rode, on the way up we spent a good proportion walking this section.
Racing the sun home
Taking in the view, enjoying a beer and listening to the lake, it was making some amazing sounds.
Admiring the view on a frozen lake
Bike Porn
Although we didn't beat the sun to the trail head it did mean we got to ride a fun descent in the dark, well I say dark both of us run a pretty bright light.
Good lights

Thanks once again to my amazing wife for letting me go ride.  She also cooked an amazing dinner for us when we returned home.  Until next time take care all.

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