16 July 2012

50 Days of running

So today I completed 50 days of running at least 1mile per day.  This is the longest I have run consecutively and have found it to be quite tough.  As I mentioned when I started this challenge (see here, also contains links to all my runs) I was attempting  to regain some of my fitness which I am pleased to say I have managed to do and stop loosing weight which I am also pleased to report I have done.  Weight at the start of the challenge, 61.1kg, weight at the end 62.0kg, that is almost 2lb of weight gain for anyone not familiar with the metric system, this weight was mostly gained whilst on holiday.

So what have I learnt from doing this... well running 1mile per day doesn't sound like much but it soon adds up, my legs are pretty tired and fitting it around our travelling schedule was challenging though not impossible.  I thought I had stopped getting blisters however after yesterday's run I can confirm that is not the case, if anyone has a good solution I am all ears.  I still prefer cycling to running just not in Bogotá.  

Will I be continuing the streak, not for the moment. In case anyone was wondering I stumbled across this the other day. It's an article written about the running legend Ron Hill, he is 73 and has not missed a day of running since 1964!  On that bombshell I will sign off . Until next time.


Total Distance - 186.05
Distance per day ave - 3.72km/day
Total Runs - 53
Total Time - 16:46:52 h:m:s
Average speed - 11.2 km/hr
Number of falls - 1 completely my own fault
Number of runs in the rain - 3, becoming a fair weather runner :)

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