17 May 2018

The transfer is in progress

As school draws to a close, so too is this chapter in our life where we live in Alaska. Amanda has been transferred to Oklahoma City, funny how things come full circle. When we were in Colombia we were being transferred to Oklahoma City then that changed and we ended up in Alaska. 

We have been up here for almost 5.5 years and have loved it. We have made some amazing friends and really tried to get involved in the community. I managed to get a part time job at a local bike shop to feed my habit. 
One from a "real" winter
We have lost a cat, bought two cars, a house, many bikes and adopted a dog. All in all life is pretty sweet up here. Sure the summers aren't that warm and since we have been here (we are not taking the blame) we have had a couple of warmer winters.   But we really think this is the place we would like to end up. 

The decision to move was the toughest one we have faced together. Moving half way across the country is not an easy choice however it is the one we have taken. 

The next few weeks are going to be pretty busy for us with selling our house up here and organising things, visiting places we have failed to get to in the five years we have been here. All before we move to the lower48, current target is to be heading south at the end of June.

For now I will keep the updates coming, we plan on driving down to Oklahoma over three to four weeks and explore on the way down. Ticking of some of the remaining fifty states of running ;-)

Stay tuned all, we will be back :D
The family rides will still happen, though probably sans bears, moose and snow pants. 
Susan and Mort keeping an eye on things
We have had an Incredible time.

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