02 November 2015


A good friend of mine introduced me to this.  The basic premise is that whilst on your way to/from work you meet up with a group of friends and have a coffee outside, enjoying nature and the company of other people. For me the location is not exactly on my way to work but getting a little ride in before work never hurt.

FYI you don't have to bring coffee to join us... and we really don't care if you brew your own or come with pre made.... its more about hanging out with people.

I have been going to these on and off since the 19th August 2015
My first #CoffeeOutside

My second #CoffeeOutside
As ever here in Anchorage we loose daylight rapidly as we approach winter and now when we meet for #CoffeeOutside its pretty dark. 

pre warm of the stove

showing off the reflective jackets

the dark doesn't stop us

reflections in the lake
The nice thing about not starting work until 11am is that when I meet with people for #CoffeeOutside I can get a nice ride in before work.
making a ride out of the morning

still riding on a chilly morning think it was around 28F on this day. 
Hopefully we will continue throughout the winter though I am sure not on a weekly schedule like we had been doing in the summer.  Who knows maybe I will see you out there. 
Another week another coffee. 

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