05 October 2015

Winter is fast approaching

As we are fast running/riding into the end of cyclocross season here in Alaska it means the fun is about to change again..... Here comes WINTER!

Here are my photos from the 18th of September 2015.  The snow was up high so I drove up to Glen Alps and took a short ride from the trail head before work with Paul.
Looking at the view

watching for moose

big tyres

having a wheelie good time

more looking at the view
The next pictures are from the 1st of  October 2015, when I went on my second ride on snow for this years early season snow. I rode with Andrew and Josh, the snow had come lower down by this point, it was wet (the ground has not frozen up yet) and a little icy in places.  I am now really looking forward to when full winter arrives rather than this tease.

short cut on ski trails before we are banned from them

Singletrack means fun climbing

Singletrack climbing

regroup before more climbing

go go go!

and off we went

the trail was a little less used from here onwards. 

To get everyone in the mood and a little excited Andrew also put together a short video of the ride on the 1st October 2015.

Until next time happy trails everyone.

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