24 May 2014

My longest ride to date, probably.....

Due to family commitments I normally only work one day at the weekends so I get to spend some time with Amanda and Fiona. Saturday the 17th was different.
Up here in Alaska there are many options to enjoy the outdoors with numerous clubs and groups to help get you out enjoying the outside.  I have been doing quite a lot of racing on bikes with the different divisions of the Arctic Bike Club, a couple of weeks ago I even managed to fluke a 3rd place in one of the races,  a combination of right place right time.  One of the groups I've been meaning to ride more with is called the Alaska Randonneurs. They organise rides which vary in length from 100km right upto their 1200km big wild ride.
These rides are not races although there is a time element and the courses are not premarked, they give you a set of controls and a time range to be at the controls.  At each of the controls you need to get your Brevet card filled out, this might be as simple as answering a question or just getting someone to sign the card, once this task is complete it's onto the next control.
I can safely say I was lucky with the weather on this ride, we had a blue sky day and low winds for all of the day, temperatures ranged from 40F to 68F and most of the car drivers were pretty good with giving bikes space.
The route took us from Anchorage out to Palmer and back, including riding to and from the event I clocked up 138miles, total time on the course 9 hours 57min, total moving time 8.5hours.  I am looking forward to trying another one of these events out.

There is a link to a couple of snap shots from the ride on my book of faces page, I 'll try and put a a link here when I'm next on a computer, although I forgot to take photos for most of the return leg :-/

Until next time
Be safe Nick

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