19 June 2013

More XC racing

Another Tuesday night race at Kincaid last night for me.  Overall I'm pleased with my performance.  I foolishly hadn't tightened my seat bolt up enough so ended up completing the last 1.5miles stood up which was tiring (See photo below), I also missed a turn on the final section of the course which was really dumb.  It definitely helps to have a good cross country bike, the Fatbike just wasn't cutting it, roll on the next race, 24hours of Kincaid this weekend!

End of lap one feeling good but tired

Stupid Nick forgetting to check seat bolt
Once again I am thankful for all the people who support me whilst racing, especially Amanda who looks after Fiona during my races I really couldn't do it without her.  Also a huge thankyou to all the people who helped get my bikes over here you have made this racer a little bit faster if only in his head.

GPS track of the route, includes heart rate data to see how hard I was working.... ignore the 200+ figures they are not correct but for the most part I was maxed out.

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