03 March 2012

here we go......

So I've decided to set up a blog, not sure what I'll be talking about yet but I promise it will not  all just be about bikes and cycling, I will also try and keep any rants I have short, ok that defeats the point of a rant but I will try my best to keep them on topic.

Since I'm not just talking about bikes at the moment the first post better have some content so here it is.

Fantasy F1(http://fantasyf1game.net/league/table) is almost upon us which means another season of following F1 and shouting at the TV (it really helps) to ensure I win my league.  Last year it didn't go quite to plan, perhaps I was not shouting loud enough.. I came 3rd out of 4.  This year will be different, so watch out to all my competitors.  My teams are "vettle is a punk" and "fracasa total"

I've also recently joined Endomondo (nick on endomondo) which is a really nice way to track your gps activities, I will try and link to my stats page in the next couple of weeks so if anyone is interested they can abuse/encourage me to do more.

Think that will do for the moment.  I'm sure layout and content will change a lot as I come up with a format I am happy with.  

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